Working together to stop financial crime

Sonar is an independent data consortium for sharing real-time insights into First-Party Fraud and Counterparty Risk.

Criminals steal and launder money across a wide range of financial services

Their transactions can appear legitimate because bank-led consortiums don’t share data with fintechs and merchants.

Sonar can see their entire financial footprint

By monitoring transactions across banks, merchants, fintechs, and crypto, you’re always a step ahead in detecting financial crime.

Participating members across a wide range of financial services

Real-time risk signals for any entity conducting a financial transaction

Protect against First Party Fraud at account opening, funding, and payment initiation. Support for multiple rails including, credit/debit, ACH, RTP, FedNow, A2A, and P2P apps (Zelle, Cash App, and Venmo).

Data shared under appropriate legal frameworks

All data is anonymized and shared under USA PATRIOT Act Section 314(b), GLBA, and FCRA.

Get rewards for contributed data

Members receive 25% revenue share for risk decisioning feedback.

Solve the hardest fraud challenges with smarter data

First-party Fraud

Identify linkages between identities, devices, and behavior patterns pointing to repeat offenders, sleeper fraud cells, and organized criminal rings.