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SardineX rebrands to Sonar; Announces growth and new solutions

SardineX now operates under the name Sonar, continuing its mission as an independent, member-run utility facilitating collaboration among financial institutions and fintechs to combat financial crime. Since launching last August, membership has increased to 20, with another 30 entities currently engaged in due diligence and testing. This diverse membership spans the full spectrum of financial services.

“With the emergence of RTP and FedNow, the financial services industry is moving towards faster payments and instant settlement,” says Ravi Loganathan, President of Sonar. “Sonar provides real-time insights into recipient risk before a transaction is initiated. Banks, fintechs, and merchants can use Sonar to share data on first-party and counterparty risk in a fully compliant manner.”

Sonar currently aids participating members in preventing First-party Fraud, such as ACH Friendly Fraud, Authorized Push Payment fraud, and unauthorized wire transfers to cryptocurrency accounts. It also helps parties detect money mule accounts and makes Know Your Customer (KYC) checks more effective.

  • First-party fraud: Enhances risk decisioning during account opening, account funding, and checkout with risk scores, reputation levels, and device and behavior signals.
  • AML compliance: Verifies whether an entity has been flagged with a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) to stop funds from being laundered through a chain of banks or fintechs via ACH debits.
  • Credit risk: Later this year, Sonar will become a furnisher of credit risk data including DDA, card, and digital wallet transaction data as alternative signals for applicants with thin or no file on record.

Today, members are actively contributing towards new services to tackle emerging fraud and scam trends. Insights on these fraud and scam vectors are shared in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and FinCEN 314(b) to prevent money laundering. A comprehensive set of operating rules, including the protection of shared data, has been ratified by members to govern the utility's operations.

Join us in this important fight against financial crime. To learn more about Sonar, test the utility, or attend its next member meeting on February 13, 2024 as an observer, visit

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About the author
Ravi Loganathan
President of Sonar

Ravi is the President of Sonar and the Head of Financial Institution Services at Sardine.